Carboxy CO2 facial

Revolutionary facial using Korean technology, which maximises skin metabolism through oxygenation from within. Creating an environment where Carbon dioxide is produced, causing our skin to speed up its metabolism to nourish itself. In just 75 minutes, your skin is clearer, and toned with pores minimised. Our CO2 facial is also safe for breastfeeding, and pregnant […]

4D Axis Face Lift

Our 4D Axis Face Lift is an FDA-approved computer-aided non-surgical facelift. This anti-ageing treatment is a combination of 4 in 1 facial that merges hydrafacial technology with EMS microcurrent to provide firming for your skin. Providing deep, yet gentle exfoliation of the skin to reveal natural radiance, you’ll have your complexion rejuvenated.  Then, it is […]

Radiance C+ Facial

Vit C facial brightens skin with natural ingredients to gently slough away dead skin, and replenish its natural Ph and barrier functions. This facial leaves you with a natural dewy complexion, free from lines and wrinkles. Suitable for all skin types, you can sign up to achieve your desired radiant complexion worry-free! It provides an […]