4D Axis Face Lift

Our 4D Axis Face Lift is an FDA-approved computer-aided non-surgical facelift.

This anti-ageing treatment is a combination of 4 in 1 facial that merges hydrafacial technology with EMS microcurrent to provide firming for your skin. Providing deep, yet gentle exfoliation of the skin to reveal natural radiance, you’ll have your complexion rejuvenated.  Then, it is followed by gentle EMS stimulation to aid in lymphatic drainage to reduce bloating and removes any build-up of toxins.

This treatment can provide immediate results, from firming and toning, to achieving a V-shaped contour.

We will also stimulate your dynamic facial muscle groups, hence face firming is achieved. Throughout this treatment, it will be aided with tools that have their functions customised according to the customer’s skin condition. Therefore, your session will be tailored to suit you, providing a unique treatment that takes you one step closer to your desired aesthetic.